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Flight School
Learn To FlyAero Tech has been in the flight instruction business at Merrill Field since 1956. We strive to fill the needs of vocational students in order to assist them in achieving their goals and furthering their qualifications for a future in aviation. Aero Tech has a primary commitment to develop the skills of these students so that they will be good, safe and professional pilots. Our objective here is to provide adequate training so as to produce graduate students of the highest professional quality. We fly the industry standard Cessna and Piper aircraft in order to fulfill the total needs of each and every student.

Cessna Piper

FBO - Fixed Base Operation
ChevronOur Fixed Base Operation is one of Merrill Fields best kept secrets! We provide quality Chevron Aviation Fuel which includes 100LL and Jet-A. Additionally, we provide aircraft parking, ground handling, passenger services and an array of other services.
Aero Tech Catalog
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Aircraft Appraisals
Whether you are buying or selling, an aircraft appraisal is important for ensuring your aircraft is accurately reflecting its fair market value. Dick Ardaiz will provide an unbiased, comprehensive and accurate appraisal on any type of aircraft.

We are currently hiring CFII’s (certified flight instructors, instrument) full time positions open NOW.

Night Vision Flying training available now through our Partner Night Flight Concepts.

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Flight Seeing
Mount McKinleyAero Tech has been hosting visitors to the last frontier since 1956 and it takes a certain kind of person to fly a plane in this thickly forested land of snowcapped mountains, alpine lakes, glacier-fed rivers and the challenging weather conditions we experience in winter.

There is no better way to see Alaska than from the air, so call our office to learn more about these one-of-a-kind adventures.

Fleet and Prices
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