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Company Profile
- Celebrating 50 Years! -

Our Profile

Aero Tech is located at 1100 Merrill Field Drive Anchorage, Alaska 99501. Aero Tech was established in 1956 by Richard and Ramona Ardaiz and has been operated by the Ardaiz family ever since. Aero Tech is a full service flight school and FBO offering ground and flight instruction, aircraft rentals, aircraft parking, retail fuel sales and pilot supplies to the general public. Aero Tech is a 135 FAA Charter Operation and 141 FAA Approved Flight School, which allows students to borrow funds from educational loan organizations for training use at Aero Tech.

Our People
Aero Tech is still operated by the Ardaiz family who aspire to maintain the personal and professional level of service people have come to expect when visiting our facilities. We maintain that all our instructors and line personnel are ready to meet your needs.

Alaska Flight Instruction
Our Commitment
Aero Tech has a primary commitment is to fill the needs of vocational students in order to assist them in achieving their goals and furthering their qualifications for a future in aviation.

Our Mission & Safety Statement
Aero Tech will continue to provide the highest in aviation standards. We will consistently provide reliable aircraft to our customers ready for flight, free of mechanical defects that may interrupt their business with Aero Tech. Aero Tech will strive to provide industry standard FBO services to better assist our diverse traffic. Safety will not be compromised!
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