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Flight Seeing
High Adventure from Anchorage and Abound!

Aero Tech has been hosting visitors to the last frontier since 1956 and it takes a certain kind of person to fly a plane in this thickly forested land of snowcapped mountains, alpine lakes, glacier-fed rivers and the challenging weather conditions we experience in winter. As one of the oldest and most trusted aviation businesses in Alaska, we are privileged to have some of the best pilots on our team.

There is no better way to see Alaska than from the air, so call our office to learn more about these one-of-a-kind adventures.

Contact us today for more information. (907) 279-6552 or

- Featured Tours -

Mount McKinley
Columbia Glacier
Mount Spurr Volcano
Harding Ice Field
Your Choice, $300.00 Per Person (2 minimum)

Knik Glacier
$180.00 Per Person (2 minimum)

Prince William Sound
$216.00 Per Person (2 minimum)

City of Anchorage Tour
$96.00 Per Person (2 minimum)

Alaska Flight Instruction

- Flight Chartering -

Aero Tech aircraft and pilots are available for hire! We understand the important needs of your business and are here to help. From transporting aircraft, supplies and people to patrolling the Alaska Pipeline and flying you out for aerial photography, we are here for your aviation needs. Please contact our office to inquire about these special charters and how they may benefit you today.

Contact us today for more information. (907) 279-6558 or
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